Building the Home You Want

PARTNERS IN BUILDING designs luxury, custom homes that incorporate what is most important to you, based on your budget. Everyone on the Build on Your Lot team understands the process is designed to discover what you want in your one-of-a-kind home. There is simply no other builder who can design a custom home, tell you what it will cost and start construction in as little time as PARTNERS IN BUILDING.




Tell Us Your Ideas

We want to know YOUR ideas about your one-of-a-kind home. We will start with the basics - bedrooms, bathrooms, one-story or two-story, game rooms, media rooms, outdoor living. We would love to do that in person, but a phone call or even filling out our questionnaire can get us started. Once we know what you want, we can get to work.

  • Visit your lot to determine the preparation costs.
  • Get your loan pre-approved with one of our preferred lenders.
  • Design a custom sketch of your new home.



Get All the Details Right

There is the budget you have for your one-of-a-kind home, and there is the bucket list of stuff you want in it. The trick is pouring your bucket list into a home designed to fit your budget. PARTNERS IN BUILDING does that better than any other custom builder.

  • Revise your custom sketch 2-3 times until it's just the way you want it.
  • Schedule you for one of our Custom Home Building Seminars.
  • Deliver a quote for your custom plan, including lot preparation costs.



Make the Finishing Touches

After we have helped you design the home where you've always dreamed of living, all that's left are a few finishing touches.

  • We will take you on a tour of our custom Design Center. You will see the standard features included in your new home, and we will also be able to estimate any upgrades you want to add to your home.
  • After you are comfortable with your one-of-a-kind plan and understand what the Design Center has to offer, we will finally ask you to commit to a contract.



Let's Get Started!

Now it's time for everything to really get going. Once you've signed your contract, here are the things you will start to see happening:

  • Surveys, soils reports, and full construction drawings.
  • Meetings with your own PARTNERS IN BUILDING interior designer to select all your home's decorator finishes.
  • All required engineering, HOA approvals, and permits.
  • Coordination of financing, if needed.

Then there is one final meeting to review all the details before we start construction on your new custom home.