For Build on Your Lot there are three categories that combine to arrive at the final price of your new one-of-a-kind home. We call these categories the three buckets. When you add up everything in all three buckets, it equals your TOTAL COST OF CONSTRUCTION.

Base Price
This is the sticks and bricks of your new custom home. The material costs, based on the square footage and configuration of your home, are compiled to arrive at your base price.
Lot Preparation
These costs vary depending on the size and topography of your lot, the soil composition and many other factors. Partners in Building will walk your lot with you before we even start designing your home.
Upgrades, & Technology
This cost is based on the level of features and upgrades you want in your new home. Our Standard Features start well above typical new homes, but you can change, add or embellish any part of the home you want to change.

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