May 12, 2017

Ceiling Design Options for Homeowners

In many traditional homes, ceilings were painted white and, more or less, forgotten about. Builders may have designed high-volume feature ceilings in foyers and dining rooms, but in general, ceilings throughout the home were seen as merely functional. One of the newest trends in Houston's luxury homes is changing that.

Emphasizing the "Fifth Wall," or ceiling, has become a way for designers to add additional interest and customization to a space. In using the Fifth Wall to the fullest, builders are adding drama to a space. Ceiling designs can be coordinated with the room's paneling, trim, and details to create a more unified, balanced look.

There are so many possible ceiling features that builders can choose to emphasize. From beams to sculptured sheetrock to faux paint, paying attention to the placement and design of these features creates an aesthetically pleasing ceiling that adds depth to any custom design.

Ceiling Design In the Home Building Industry

Ceilings for Home Design

The importance of ceiling design resonates with many industry experts. According to Mike Woodley, President of Woodley Architectural Group, “Good design sells better and quicker, and the ceiling is an important part of good design." Focusing on the ceiling gives builders a chance to stand out in their industry. While others may focus on just four walls, custom builders like Partners in Building focus on all five, utilizing space that has traditionally been overlooked to showcase their best work.

Builders have been using the Fifth Wall concept to create homes that feel unified and luxurious. Including the ceiling in the design scheme increases the value of the home, with options available at various price points. Customers can spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to outfit their Houston homes with a "Fifth Wall Treatment."

The sky is the limit when it comes to ceiling design, but some unique examples of Fifth Wall treatments include:

Ceiling Designs in Home Building

Wagon Wheel Designs
A wagon wheel drywall design in the kitchen contrasts nicely with a vaulted brick ceiling in the adjoining dining room. Using two different ceiling designs in this manner is a great way to define spaces in an open floor plan.

Scalloped Ceiling
This circular ceiling design plays off the drama created below by a spiral staircase. Used in a foyer, the scalloped ceiling is surrounded by windows to bring light into the home. Faux metallic paint on the ceiling surface draws the eye upward.


Whitewashed Planks
In homes with a warmer, more rustic appeal, a whitewashed plank ceiling can add texture to the room without overwhelming the space. Using flooring materials, like planks, is becoming increasingly popular in ceiling design.

Drop Down Boxes
This design is sometimes known as a "reverse coffer." A box of drywall extends downward from the ceiling. LED lights and accent paint call attention to the drop down box.

Benefits of Luxury Ceiling Design For Homeowners

Choosing a unique ceiling design takes the buyer's home to a whole new level. Designers can vary the "mood" throughout the home by varying the ceiling designs. Certain rooms can be designed for a closer, more intimate feel, while others can be ornamented with drama and excitement. 

Experts have likened Fifth Wall designs to "jewelry for the home." The rest of the home design is the outfit, and it surely looks great on its own. Add in the ceiling design, or jewelry, and it really takes your breath away. Buyers and visitors will notice the unique ceiling design and will remember it. 

Leaders in the home design industry have truly begun stepping outside of the box to maximize their use of space and detail. Their outstanding ceilings are bringing luxury home design in Houston to a new level, taking advantage of the fifth wall that has traditionally been overlooked and ignored.