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Houston is our home. We’ve been building custom homes here since 1986, including many of the areas that were hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey. We want to do what we do best to help our city, build homes.

Before you build

As you move through the recovery process, your thoughts will soon turn to what to do about your home. If you are considering building a new home on your property, Partners in Building has been a resource for homeowners who have experienced recent floods in the Houston area. Before you make a decision about your home, we would like to pass along our experience about what to expect and how the rebuilding process works through our Build on Your Lot Information Seminars.

Below are some of the questions our customers most frequently ask us. You can get a more complete picture of rebuilding your home at one of the many seminars we have scheduled by calling 281-356-5339.


How much does a custom home cost?

It’s really a simple formula. We call it The Three Buckets.

Bucket #1 is the house. We build homes from the $400,000s to $1 million or more. You can look through our plans and pricing. It’s a great way to get an idea of what you want. Then, together, we can design a home with what’s most important to you.
Bucket #2 is lot preparation. Just like every home we build is one-of-a-kind, every lot is different, too. Partners in Building is expert in determining what it will cost to get your lot ready for a new custom home, from tearing down your existing home (which is easier than you think) to city permits and HOA approvals to raising the pad where we will build your new home.
Bucket #3 is upgrades. Our Standard Features start well above the features offered in a typical new home, but you may have something special in mind. You can add, change or embellish anything you want, from flooring to appliances to technology.

When you add up the three buckets, it equals the cost of your custom home.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

It takes an average of 100 days, 3 to 4 months, to design your home, make materials selections at our Design Center, and get the proper permits. After construction starts, our normal build time is approximately 8 months. That means from the time you choose Partners in Building to the day you move into your new home is about a year.

Does the equity I have in my home and lot help with financing?

Lot equity and flood assistance is a major part of financing your new home. Our preferred lenders have worked with us to finance our customers through all the recent flood events in the Houston area. They are available as a resource at all of our Information Seminars and will help you determine the best mortgage options for your new home.

Isn’t building a custom home difficult and stressful?

If you’re recovering from the flood, you’re under enough stress already. The last thing we want to do is add to it. Partners in Building has been building custom homes since 1986, and the process we’ve developed over the past 30 years has always had only one goal – to make every customer’s experience as easy as possible. We offer unmatched customer service and integrity, and our turnkey process includes everything from designing your home and selecting features to the quality and craftsmanship of our experienced construction teams.

Is Partners in Building the right builder for me?

There are many custom builders in Houston, and even more remodelers. How can you be sure to pick the right one? It’s not easy, but we have a rule of thumb. Pick the builder you can count on before, during and after you’ve built your home. That comprehensive outlook is what has made us the #1 Custom Builder in Texas. You can use the chart below as a checklist when you’re choosing a builder.


Whether this is the first time your home has ever been flooded or if it happened in one of the previous floods, too, Partners in Building has been through this before and we want to share that experience with you. Even if you don’t decide to build a new home with us, we encourage you to come to one of our Information Seminars.


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