April 18, 2017

Luxury homebuilders understand just how important it is to keep up with custom home trends. The right customizations can truly turn a house into a home. Here are some of the special features that Partners in Building has included in their custom homes.

Prayer Rooms

Having a designated room for prayer or meditation is a must for many households. Partners in Building has included prayer rooms in the design of homes, mainly for Hindu or Muslim families.

Hindu Pooja rooms are generally small rooms, located on the ground floor in the northeast or northwest corner of the home. The entrance to this room should not face south and no unclean water should flow over or next to the room.

Prayer rooms for Muslim households have fewer physical requirements, though one or two persons must be able to face east for daily prayers. Any room in the home that is away from bathrooms may be used, but some buyers prefer to have the room in a specific location.

Prayer rooms may also include certain design elements, such as altar space or specifically placed windows. The goal of a custom home builder is to incorporate the buyer’s wishes into the design of a house.

Multi-Generational Living Quarters

More and more families are choosing to live close by, or even under one roof. This makes inter-generational bonding and care-taking easy and enjoyable. Dual living can be great for those who live with family members full-time or for families who host others for an extended period of time. Multi-generational homes save both hassle and money, so they are popular for all types of households.

Many home buyers prefer to have multi-generational living quarters located within the main structure of the home, rather than separated. Most have a similar design to the master suite, but with separate access. Usually, there are separate bathroom areas, much like a double-master home, but in some cases, the buyer would prefer more of a suite design, with additional living space included for each generation in the household. 

Command Centers

Expanding a utility space or creating an additional room off the kitchen with an island work space is becoming increasingly common for home buyers. Whether it is used for crafts and hobbies or to manage family activities, this central area of the home keeps clutter down and provides a meeting space for the household.

Secondary Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the focal points of any home. Incorporating a second working kitchen for food preparation and cooking into a home’s design is becoming increasingly popular. A second kitchen allows the primary kitchen to remain a gathering place while the work and the mess of the kitchen stays away from this focal point out of sight.

If your dream home includes custom design functions, this can usually be included when you build a house. Partners in Building offers many amenities for homes designed throughout Houston area, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land and Friendswood. Partners in Building also serves ares in and around San Antonio, Austin, and Nashville. Take a look at these home designs for additional ideas.