July 25, 2017

Finding the perfect location for your Texas home can be a challenge. If you are looking for a new home in the Memorial Villages, West U, Bellaire or any of the neighborhoods within the Energy Corridor, there are certainly options. Proximity to good schools, a short commute time and great amenities are what makes a community desirable, but what if your dream neighborhood just doesn’t have the home for you?

You might assume that buying in an existing Houston-area neighborhood means that new construction is not an option, but teardowns are an easier, less expensive option than many realize. In fact, it’s a fairly simple process and homeowners across the country have found great success building custom homes in existing neighborhoods.  The land where an older, non-functional home stands is often what holds value, so making way for new custom homes can make sense for new residents and established neighbors, especially when the updated house fits in well with the local style.  

Finding the Neighborhood of Your Dreams

The Energy Corridor is a vibrant community with over 50 miles of parks and trails, abundant fine dining, plenty of entertainment options, cultural events and shopping galore. The job market is booming, but commutes can be long, so finding the neighborhood of your dreams could be a challenge. Convenience paired with peace and quiet can be found around Houston. Communities such as West University and the Memorial Villages are touted nationwide for their small-town feel, even though they are close to all of the action that Houston has to offer.

Families are flocking to the greater Houston area, and for good reason. Home to over 26 Fortune 500 Companies, industry is varied and the value of homes is increasing. The areas surrounding Houston are filled with diverse architecture. From classic revival to art deco, small structures to soaring skyscrapers, you’ll find it all in the Houston area. Custom homes need not distract from the charm of the neighborhood. State-of-the-art amenities and a classic sense of style can go hand in hand when you work with an experienced builder.

Why Consider a Teardown?

Though they can be completed in less than a day, special permits and prep-work are required for teardowns. So why go this route? Older homes may have charm, but they might also have serious problems that are expensive and difficult to rectify. Roof damage, a cracked foundation, pest infestation, fire or water damage and mold can wreak havoc on a home, making it completely unlivable.

Extensive renovation is usually time-consuming, expensive and stressful, and can be filled with unpleasant hidden surprises. Replacing existing homes with new custom homes gives owners all of the energy-efficiency, layout options and perks of living in a newly constructed neighborhood. Partners in Building is experienced in the construction of custom homes and safe and proper teardowns are part of their lot preparation process.

The perfect home in the perfect neighborhood doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. Don’t be discouraged by an existing house. It’s really quite easy to complete a teardown!