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Michael Brooks
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"...the moment we started the process with Partners in Building we knew this is the type of company we see ourselves building a relationship...Partners in Building's impeccable taste and desire for perfection plus their ability to be unique was something that drew us in after alomst 1 year searching..." - Omar D. 


There is too much happening in the city to miss it in the ’burbs – the skyscrapers and coffee houses, the clubs and concerts and breakfast bistros. It’s where the action is. It’s where your life is. Fountain Park puts you near all the things you love about the city, but with a vibe you won’t find anywhere else.

This isn’t rows of houses packed together. It doesn’t feel like a dozen other places you drive by every day on your way to somewhere else. This is a gated community with a private park where you can take your dog or talk to a friend or simply relax and contemplate the day. This is a broad avenue entrance with a one-of-a-kind fountain in the esplanade. We could have filled all that space up with a few more houses, but then this wouldn’t be the place where you want to make your home.

Life. Love. Happiness. Where you find all these pieces of who you are, is the place you call home. Fountain Park is the perfect backdrop to incorporate all the people and choices and memories that make up the life you’ve been building for yourself. It is the integration of all the reasons why you want to live in the city and the picture in your mind of what your home should look like.

Community Amenities

  • A gated, grand entrance for private access
  • Private Parking, you know what that means in the city
  • All the possibilities the word CUSTOM can conjure
  • Townhomes with lots of elbow room
  • An aesthetic sensibility that captures your eye and your imagination
Fountain Park on 26th Towns

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